1. B has taken steps to repudiate or nullify existing contracts or agreements with any united states citizen or any corporation , partnership , or association not less than 50 per centum beneficially owned by united states citizens , or
  2. At the end of 2000 , 154 licensed banks , 48 restricted licence banks and 61 deposit - taking companies , which were beneficially owned by interests from over 30 countries around the world , were in business in hong kong
    截至年底,香港共有154家持牌银行、 48家有限制牌照银行及61家接受存款公司,它们分别由来自三十多个国家的机构实益拥有。
  3. The paper enlarges the domain of using the method of variable separation with addition , and beneficially tries to obtain analytical solutions of complicated problem , such as 2 - d steady incompressible viscous gas diffusion flow field
  4. ( 4 ) . from the angle of project organization , based on the analysis of the project organization form , practical organization model corresponding managing strategy are made which beneficially guarantee the successful construction of srttep
    ( 4 )从项目组织保障角度,在剖析工程项目组织形式基础上,建立了符合川塔施建工程项目实际的组织模型和相应管理策略。
  5. As albert einstein said , " it is my view that the vegetarian manner of living , by its purely physical effect on the human temperament , would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind " letter to " vegetarian watch - tower " , december 27 , 1930
  6. It's difficult to find beneficially in a sentence. 用beneficially造句挺难的
  7. This paper applies with the way of interests analysis as a major research tool , by means of comparing analysis , making definition of local interests , then thinking the worth appraisement of local interests from the degree of realizing beneficially nation - wide interests
  8. Following the methods of doing investigation , using analyses , giving solutions and taking the professional theory and design methods for the existing problems , the author has gathered problems existing of the district of town god ' s temple in xi ' an , proposed some suggestions for its protection and renovation and explored some new directions beneficially for the old urban area
  9. However , the legal system , in the final analysis , is based on the theory of benefit , the procedure of dispute settlement in essence is to make a great effort to distribute rights and duties efficiently and beneficially , so benefit ( including procedural benefit or lawsuit benefit ) becomes the other goal pursued by the value of law besides procedural justice in the process of jurisdiction
  10. At the same time , this paper studies profoundly the problem that how the finance management system currently using integrals with this developing system , conbines agent technology and workflow technology , bring forwards the scheme based agent technology of system integration and expores beneficially the problem of multisystem integration which is paid wide attention to
  11. Thirdly , the paper analyzes the characteristics of the financial derivative ' s risks , and reveals many big financial troubles which had occurred in many countries and districts because of misusing the financial derivatives , furthermore , it expounds the supervisal approaches of the international financial supervision institutions which can enlighten us beneficially
  12. The influence of polypropylene fiber , expansion agent and both of them on moisture expansion and dry shrinkage of the filled wall were systematically tested . the testing results and theoretical analysis slowed that polypropylene fiber was the most beneficial to restrain it ’ s moisture expansion and drying shrinkage , however , the block doubly blended with polypropylene fiber and expansion agent can most beneficially improve crack - resistance of wall filled with the stone ballast block , at the
  13. Next was an experimental study on modification of stone ballast concrete small hollow block . the influence of polypropylene fiber , expansion agent and both of them on permeability - resistance and both moisture expansion and dry shrinkage of the block were systematically tested . the testing results and theoretical analysis slowed that they all can improve its properties , among which polypropylene fiber can most effectively restrain it ’ s moisture expansion and drying shrinkage ; however , the block doubly blended with polypropylene fiber and expansion agent will be likely to most beneficially improve crack - resistance of wall filled with the block
  14. This thesis probes beneficially into numerical calculating and analyzing of the two - dimension model of organic static induction transistor by adopting finite element method , and builds theory foundation for further analyzing systematically operational mechanism of organic static induction transistor and optimizing design of structure parameters for the future
  15. With the direction of my tutor and prof . yu yongchang , i made beneficially study on the controlling - intelligence of the environmental parameters in modernized greenhouse . at the same time , i designed a set of imitative intelligence control system which attempts to apply intelligence in the automatic - controlling system of environmental parameters in modernized greenhouse
  16. Ascertainment of literature analysis for the first choice is proved by the circumstances below : it plays a important role in human culture attainment , it advantageously increases the intelligential abilities of observation , remembrance , thinking , imagination and operation , it beneficially improves the psychological capabilities of emotion , concentration , will , self - judgment and adjustment , it heightens student ' s capabilities of realization of daily life and adaptation of vocational life and it significantly effects personal accomplishment of communication in modern society either
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