extended deployment中文什么意思

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  • 国外基地部署
  • extended:    adj. 1.伸开的,展开的。 2. ...
  • deployment:    布署; 和发布; 建置; 开伞; 展 ...
  • extended as:    经……引伸而成为


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  1. Article on high - level overview of the autonomic features of websphere extended deployment
    关于websphere extended deployment自主特性高级概述的文章。
  2. And then marking new ejb extended deployment descriptor settings for these methods as pushdowns
    ,然后用叠加( pushdown )的方式为这些方法标记新的ejb扩展部署描述符。
  3. The only websphere extended deployment part of the workflow is adding the machine to the node group
    工作流的唯一websphere extended deployment部分是向节点组添加机器。
  4. Websphere extended deployment introduces a couple of key new concepts to the websphere environment
    Websphere extended deployment给websphere环境引入了一组关键的新概念。
  5. He is the chief architect and senior development manager responsible for websphere extended deployment
    他是负责websphere extended deployment的首席架构师兼高级开发经理。


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