accelerator cavity中文什么意思

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  • 加速器谐振腔


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  1. We ' ve devoted ourselves to the computer - aided design of accelerator cavity for some work
  2. Computation of electromagnetic field in cavity is one of the key techniques to design an accelerator cavity
  3. Design of accelerator cavity is very important for the performance enhancement of particle accelerator
  4. The electromagnetism field of the accelerator cavity is analyzed , and the movement of electron in the cavity also analyzed . the vibration rule of transverse emittance is acquired when the electron beams move in the accelerator cavity , and the result complies with the numeric simulation
    分析了rf - gun加速腔中的电磁场结构和电子运动规律,得到电子束在加速腔中运动时束流横向发射度是振荡变化的,与数值模拟结果吻合。
  5. During the design of accelerator cavity , we must face complicated objects and time - varied data . it is necessary for us to consider an object - oriented and temporal data model . therefore , we give a conceptual data model , that is entity - relationship data model ( shorten as ter model )


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