charter contracts中文什么意思

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  • 租船契约
  • charter:    n. 1.(准许成立自治都市、工会等 ...
  • contract:    vt.,vi. 1.收缩,紧缩;(使 ...
  • contracts:    合同; 契约法; 政府合约的工资及材 ...


  1. What is fixed chartering contract
  2. Waving the charter contract , he walked into a bank and asked for a loan with which to build the ship
  3. Chapter one mainly formulates whether the nature of sailing date notice is quotation or invitation to quotation , whether booking is confirmation or quotation based on that the process of concluding a contract in the " law on contracts " , i . e . , quotation and confirmation enlightens the marine transportation contract conclusion ; through analyzing the process of concluding liner transportation contract and voyage chartering contract , tries to find out the concluding rules to marine goods transportation contract so as to supply theoretical and legal evidences to better understand the effect of concluding marine transportation contract ; determines the contractual rights and obligations of both parties in the marine goods transportation contract through analyzing the rescission and suspension of marine goods transportation contract


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