coating operation中文什么意思

发音:   用"coating operation"造句
  • 涂油操作
  • 涂渍操作
  • coating:    n. 1.被覆,表皮,涂层;包覆物; ...
  • operation:    n. 1.动作,行动,活动;业务,工 ...
  • no coating:    无涂布


  1. 05 . 03 weight of wax applied during curtain coating operation , test for
  2. Standard test method for weight of wax applied during curtain coating operation
  3. Process scheme for the coating line is presented and quality management for coating operation is discussed
  4. The size of the polymer particle influences its rheological properties when under shear , as during pumping or coating operations , including painting
  5. Steel structure cross - sea bridge , port equipment , pipeline system , hydropower station equipment , paper making industry and other industries generally have problem of anticorrosion , out company has incomparable technical advantage , which can prevent the corrosion from happening , can proceed the coating operation under the supreme wet condition , can surpass the limit of surface treatment in the industrial protection , can provides long - term anticorrosion solution plan to various steel structures


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