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  1. Common cathode circuit
  2. Measurements of the electrical properties of transmitting tubes - measuring methods of static characteristic curve for common cathode circuit
  3. In the paper , it is presented how a high stability current control system is accomplished for laser gyros of double anodes and common cathode using digital instruments
  4. This paper mainly discusses how to design a high stability current control power supply for laser gyro of double anodes and common cathode in north - finder based on ring laser gyroscope
  5. The layered licoo2 , linio2 and the spinel limn2o4 are common cathode materials for lithium - ion cells . there are few theoretic articles about the relationship between the electronic structure and performance of electrode material of lithium - ion cells
    锂离子电池正极材料常见的是具有层状结构的licoo2 、 linio2和尖晶石结构的limn2o4 ,从理论上研究它们的电子结构与性能的关系的报道不多。


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