compensation network中文什么意思

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  • 补偿网络


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  1. Optimizing the algorithms of the compensation network can enhance the certified rate and the frequency stability
  2. Each technology offers inherent performance characteristics that can be enhanced with compensation networks or additional active circuitry
  3. The keys of improving the atcxo temperature frequency characteristic are appropriately choosing compensation network and optimization calculation the network parameter
  4. The paper put forward new method for single - phase earth faulted line selection in a compensation network . they are separately based on active power 、 variety of residual current and wavelet
    研究了自动补偿电网单相接地故障选线的新方法? ?有功法,零序电流变量法、小波法。
  5. Now the common algorithm which is used to calculate the parameter of the compensation network is the method of least squares which can calculate the result to make the least square sum of frequency deviation least


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