electronic filtering中文什么意思

发音:   用"electronic filtering"造句
  • 电子滤波
  • electronic:    adj. 电子的,电子操纵的;用电子 ...
  • filter:    n. 1.滤器,滤纸,过滤用料[砂、 ...
  • filtering:    滤波; 滤除; 滤光; 滤净; 滤清 ...


  1. Quantitative analysis of the action of electronic filter resistance in power source
  2. Variable electronic filter
  3. 100 high and low pass electronic filters to help tailor the sound to your hearing
    100个滤波器根据您的听力对声音进行“量体裁衣” 。
  4. If you add to this the effects of a sonar set mounted in the small nose of a torpedo rushing through the water at speeds up to 80 miles per hour with its consequence noise and vibration , plus hull borne vibrations from the power plant , it can be seen that only the most advanced electronic filtering gives any chance of success


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