entry action中文什么意思

发音:   用"entry action"造句
  • entry:    n. 1.进入,入场;入城;(演员) ...
  • action:    n. 1.动作,活动;行为,行动。 ...
  • action entry:    动作项; 作用输入
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  1. Executes the new state ? s entry action , if one exists
    执行新的状态的进入动作(如果存在的话) 。
  2. In september 2002 , the plant s operator applied to the court against lands d s re - entry action , and requested government compensation for the loss incurred by the company
  3. Government will take all possible recovery actions , including but not limited to , taking enforcement action by way of legal proceedings against the owner and re - entry action under the government rights re - entry and vesting remedies ordinance cap 126
  4. In view of the serious slippage in the contractor s works , the housing authority " ha " took re - entry action in the middle of last month regarding the construction sites of three public rental housing " prh " projects , including fanling area 36 phase 1 and phase 2
  5. On 27 september 2002 , gic applied to the court against lands department s re - entry action on the ground of a breach of the lease conditions , and requested government s compensation for the loss incurred by the company . government is contesting gic s application


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