file access control中文什么意思

发音:   用"file access control"造句
  • 文件存取控制
  • 文件访问控制
  • 文件增加控制
  • file:    n. 1.锉刀。 2.〔英俚〕滑头。 ...
  • access:    n. 1.接近;会面。 2.捷径,门 ...
  • control:    n. 1.支配,管理,管制,统制,控 ...


  1. Software system comprises some main subsystems such as the tss embedded os , host interface specification , file access control module , explicit authorization table management and audit system
  2. In uarbac , effort is made to combine the advantages of above models and the runtime constraint together . and then , the uarbac is applied to an intranet multi - server file access control system
    然后,将对这集中模型做比较分析,并在比较分析的基础上,提出一个新的访问控制模型? ? uarbac ( upgradedadministrativerole - basedaccesscontrol ) 。
  3. Through the detailed analysis of the smart card architecture and safety , the article advance a valuable resolution for the smart card file architecture designing and file access control setting


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