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  • 滤波阵列
  • filter:    n. 1.滤器,滤纸,过滤用料[砂、 ...
  • array:    vt. 1.打扮,装饰。 2.使…列 ...
  • color filter array:    滤色阵列; 色彩滤镜矩阵; 颜色滤光 ...


  1. Method returns a filtered array of
  2. Returns a filtered array of
  3. In addition , the dissertation studied color interpolation algorithms of imaging sensor , and proposed two new approaches . the first one was based on green components , the second one was taken color filter array ( cfa ) into account
  4. In order to reduce cost and complexity , digital camera manufacturers usually employ a single ccd or cmos sensor whose surface is covered with a color filter array , named as cfa . the cfa limits each sensor pixel just sampling one of the three primary color values ( red , green or blue )
    为了降低数字相机的成本与体积,生产厂家通常会采用单片ccd或cmos图像传感器,并在其表面覆盖一层彩色滤波阵列,也称为cfa , cfa使每个像素只能获得物理三基色(红、绿、蓝)其中一种分量。


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