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  • 图解分析


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  1. Financial advice analysis and graph analysis ; financial advice to management
  2. It analyses the actualities and existent problems deeply . considering the shortcomings , i find out that the graph analysis is inclined to the inefficiency and the traditional index analysis has limitation in function by statistic analyzing
  3. It studies and puts forward the flexibility difference curvature method , and many simulated damage examples show that the method has notable advantages such as high damage identification sensitivity , strong reliability , and visualization and simplicity in amount and graph analysis
  4. On the basis of familiar with can bus and gsm communication , considering hev ( hybrid electric vehicle ) battery administrative system ' s demand for the host pc monitoring system , i have designed can - rs232 converter gateway to realize transmission the real - time data from can node to rs232 serial port , which is carried out by the project of at89c52 mcu + sja1000 can controller + 82c250 can controller interface . host monitoring software has accomplished real - time datas display , storage , historical datas graph analysis and storage fashion change from access to excel , at the same time , realized important datas transmission remotely with tc35 short message module . system software programs in assembly and vb
    Can - rs232转换网关采用at89c52微处理器+ sja1000can控制器+ pca82c250can控制器接口实现对can总线节点通讯的监听,并将其转换成rs232串口电平发送到pc机串口,同时用siemens公司的tc35模块和at指令实现现场采集系统重要数据和错误信息的短消息通讯。在上位pc机监控系统中,主要完成的是对串口设置的选择控制、现场采集数据的实时刷新显示、历史数据的图表分析及数据的access数据库存储和excel电子表格的转换。系统软件采用汇编语言和vb实现。
  5. Representation , classification and global reference name standard of the common security knowledge , are summarized . then a new model of system security trend analysis is presented , which combines vulnerability analysis ( using privilege graph analysis method ) and attack knowledge analysis ( using goal tree analysis method )


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