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  1. Interest rates are rising and standard & poor ' s expects high - yield bond defaults to increase , to follow
  2. The strength of demand for new debt issues is such that investors are struggling to satisfy their requirements , particularly in high - yield bonds and loans
  3. Should loan losses climb , investors in mortgage - backed securities will also get burnt , especially those holding the riskier , higher - yielding bonds
    如果贷款增长放缓,抵押贷款担保证券的投资者? ?特别是那些持有高风险高收益债券的投资者,将会因此受损。
  4. Garth noonan , managing director in high - yield capital markets at merrill lynch said that while high - yield bond and loan supply was strong , it would not be enough to sate demand
    美林( merrilllynch )高收益率资本市场董事总经理加思.努南( garthnoonan )表示,尽管高收益率债券和贷款供应充裕,但仍不足以满足需求。
  5. After years of [ color = red ] loose money [ / color ] in financial markets , some observers think the mortgage morass could cause investors to rethink their attitude to other forms of credit risk , such as high - yield bonds


  1. a (speculative) bond with a credit rating of BB or lower; issued for leveraged buyouts and other takeovers by companies with questionable credit
    同义词:junk bond


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