发音:   用"infiltrant"造句
  • 浸渍剂


  1. It shows with the increase of the amount of the mo in the si - mo infiltrant , the density of the infiltrated materials with the same performs increased , but the amount of the free carbon and pore also increased . it was the result of the capillary chocking - off caused by the separation of the mosj2 from the alloy infiltrant during the sintering process . after th thermal treatment at 2050 , the amount of the free carbon and pore decreased . also . another cause for the unfully conversion of c into sic was the gas pressure . larger than the capillary force
    实验表明,对于同一坯体,随着si - mo熔体中mo含量的增加,浸渗所得材料的密度随之增加,但是,材料中的残留c 、气孔相的含量亦随之增加。这是由于反应浸渗时,熔体中析出的mosi _ 2阻塞毛细管造成的。含残留c 、气孔相的材料进行高温( 2050 )热处理后,材料中残留c 、气孔相的含量大大减少。


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