judge dredd中文什么意思

发音:   用"judge dredd"造句
  • 超时空战警
  • 德雷德法官
  • 特警判官


  1. Directed by judge dredd film - maker danny cannon , goal ! is due to be released in august 2005 as part of a 100m film trilogy
    由影片《特警判官》的制片人丹尼?坎农执导的《进球! 》是(计划投资)一亿英镑的电影三部曲中的一部,预计将于2005年8月发行。


    Judge Joseph Dredd is a fictional character whose comic strip in the British science fiction anthology 2000 AD is the magazine's longest running, having been featured there since its second issue in 1977. Dredd is an American law enforcement officer in a violent city of the future where uniformed Judges combine the powers of police, judge, jury and executioner.


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