julia set中文什么意思

发音:   用"julia set"造句
  • 茹利亚集[合
  • 朱利亚集合
  • julia:    n. 朱莉亚〔女子名〕。
  • set:    vt. (set; setting) ...
  • for julia:    茱莉亚之歌


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  1. The second result is on the local connectivity of the julia set of fc in its dynamical plane . we obtain theorem 2
  2. / / the julia set j ( fc ) of fc is connected , then the boundary of the immediately attracting domain of fc at 0 is a jordan curve
    L 。 a集是连通的,那么人在0 ,卢、的直接吸引域是joulan曲线,从而是局部连通的。
  3. With the similar technique , they gave a complete description of the connectivity and the totally disconnectivity of the julia sets of cubic polynomials
  4. A further application of the puzzle theory , due to faught and hubbard , is the study of the julia sets and the connectedness locus of a cubic family with one critical fixed point
    利用这个理论, faught和hubbard研究了有临界不动点的单参数三次多项式族的julia集及其连通迹的局部连通性。
  5. In fact , the curve is a fractal curve . lastly , with computer experiments and julia set in broad sense , the design of the pattern of various arts can be realized . fictional nature sights appear by compounding each single picture


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