master process中文什么意思

发音:   用"master process"造句
  • 主进程
  • master:    n. 1.主人;雇主,老板(opp. ...
  • process:    vi. 〔口语〕排队走,列队行进 〔 ...
  • process master:    系统进程及隐藏进程


  1. The condor master process runs on every machine in the pool
    Condor _ master进程会在资源池中的每一台机器上运行。
  2. The multitask comes true through process : the multitask ’ s controlment realizes by the controlment of its threads , the threads communicate with the master process
  3. To reduce the frequency of updates , we can send an update only when the original path and the replicated path diverge by a defined amount ( figure 1 ) ( it may then be necessary to run both the master entity and the replicate by the master process to compare them )
    为了降低更新的频率,我们可以只在原始路径和复制体的移动路径发生指定数量的偏离时才发送更新包(这可能需要在主处理器上同时运行主实体和其复制体的运动模拟,以用来对这两条路径进行比较) 。
  4. First , the author brings out that fully understanding and mastering process law of ideological political education are the first premise of using process law of ideological political education . secondly , the author discuss that using subjective initiative is an important condition of using process law of ideological political education . at last , the author analyzes the present situation of using process law of ideological political education in society and brings out the corresponding measures


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