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  • 超电势
  • 超电位
  • 超电压
  • 过电势
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  1. The anodic overpotential and reaction - rate distributions throughout the catalyst layer are affected by increasing the protonic conductivity to
  2. Also , the steady mass specific peak current of oxygen reduction methanol on this modified platinum was 20 % more than that on the non - modified platinum , the overpotential of ox
    Vulcanxc 72活性碳粉的引入使抗co中毒的性能又得到了进一步提高,单位质量的pt的氧还原峰电流又进一步增大。
  3. The tffa model calculation has been carried out to investigate the effects of structural parameters of the afc cathode and pemfc cathode on the electrode performance , which is respectively represented by the curve of cathode overpotential versus current density and the curve of cathode potential versus current density
  4. The result shows that with the addition of rare earth elements , ultrasonic irradiation and magnetic field , the chemical component , surface configuration , microstructure and properties of electroless co - ni - b and co - fe - b alloy changes remarkably . such kind of change can be described as the followings . firstly the depositing speed of electroless alloy bath is raised while the polarizability and cathodic overpotential are reduced ; secondly the surface quality of the alloy coating and adhesion of the coating and matrix are improved ; thirdly in the coatings the content of the elements in the transient group increases , but the content of cobalt decreased ; fourthly the amorphous structure is transformed to microcrystal structure and polycrystal structure ; fifthly the microhardness and wear resistance of the coating are enhanced ; sixthly coercitive force is reduced , and magnetoconductivity of the coating is increased ; lastly the magnetic intensity of the coating increases with the addition of energy and light rare earth elements such as ce , la and decreases with the addition of heavy rare earth elements such as y . on the other side , when the alloy coatings passes through the heat treatment under the temperature of 250 or 500 , their properties will change
    结果显示化学沉积co - ni - b 、 co - fe - b工艺在稀土元素( ce 、 la 、 y 、 dy ) 、能量(超声波、磁场)介入后,沉积过程、合金成分、镀层形貌结构和性能都有显著变化,表现在:镀液的阴极极化过电位和极化度降低,沉积速度提高;镀层的结合力、表面质量改善;镀层中过渡族元素的含量增加,轻元素硼的含量降低,同时证实了稀土元素与过渡族元素共沉积的可能性;镀层的显微结构由非晶态向微晶和多晶态转变;镀层的显微硬度与耐磨性提高,力学性能优化;镀层的矫顽力降低;磁导率提高;镀层的磁化强度在能量(超声波、磁场)和轻稀土元素ce 、 la介入后提高,重稀土元素y介入后降低。
  5. Mol l , artemisinin can be reduced via the hemin - catalysis and its original cathodic peak at - 1 . 08v completely disappeared . the cathodic overpotential of artemisinin is decreased ca . 600mv . this process is verified by the fact that complex edta - fe can also promote the artemisinin reduction with decreasing the cathodic overpotential of artemisinin for 590mv . these results show that the reduction of artemisinin at the glassy carbon electrode is a catalytic process with the aids of hemin . hemin can greatly decrease the cathodic activation energy of the reduction of artemisinin and promote the decomposition of artemisinin
    Mol l氯化血红素存在下,青蒿素仍可被催化还原,阴极过电位降低了600mv 。配合物edta - fe具有类似氯化血红素的催化性质,它降低了qhs阴极过电位590mv 。在这个体系中,青蒿素在碳电极上的还原是一个借助于氯化血红素催化的还原过程,氯化血红素的存在降低了青蒿素还原活化能,促进了青蒿素的分解。


    Overpotential is an electrochemical term which refers to the potential difference (voltage) between a half-reaction's thermodynamically determined reduction potential and the potential at which the redox event is experimentally observed.Bard, A.


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