pointing correction中文什么意思

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  1. Remedy : check zero point correction of the star and re - adjust if necessary
  2. The costly constant temperature system must be employed if using the traditional two point correction method , moreover , the system is more complex
  3. In this paper , the reason for which the substrate temperature effects the nonuniformity of umbirfpa is analyzed . it is brought forward that using three point correction method to minish the substrate temperature ' s influence on nonuniformity of umbirfpa . the principle of the new method , the way to realize the method and the flow process to obtain the correction coefficients were given simultaneously
  4. According to the practical need , the paper put forward a new nonuniformity correction algorithm - adaptive linear subsection interpolation correction algorithm , which is the expansion of two - point correction algorithm . the approach is not only achieved the nonuniformity correction in large dynamic range , but also eliminated the effect of temperature excursion of detector responsibility on nonuniformit y correction
  5. Abstract : the nommiformity of solid state image sensor which degrades performance severely , even no signal can be detected must be corrected in the condition of present technology . in this paper , the cause of nonuniformity generation is analyzed . based on principle of ratio of performance to price and real time , one point and two point correction are used and their correction range are discussed . the hardware circuit sketch and result are presented


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