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  • 定量测量


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  1. There are a lot of methods to quantitatively measure this data , but all need specific instruments
  2. Standard test method for quantitatively measuring the effect of thermal shock and thermal cycling on refractories
  3. Therefore , ecological risk assessment ( era ) is used to predict ecological domino effects triggered by contamination of the soils , and quantitatively measure magnitude and probability of risks
  4. The changes of the expression of gfp in biu - 87 cell that induced by the aconitine and hab toxins , gtx were detected with fluorescence microscope , and quantitatively measured with image - pro plus software
    经诱导,抗性细胞发出较强的绿色荧光,表明重组质粒pegfp - c - fos在biu - 87细胞中成功表达。
  5. How to use a monitoring instrument to quantitatively measure a complete team , identify its star performers and use this team analysis to determine what areas the team could be coached on at one time


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