[ 'ʃʌvɚlfʊl ]发音:   用"shovelful"造句
  • 满铲。


  1. He put a shovelful of snow in kate ' s bed as a practical joke
  2. It took another shovelful of dirt to turn up the rest of the glistening white worm , which she had accidentally cut in two with her blade
  3. It was done ; i stirred up the ashes , and interred them under a shovelful of coals ; and she mutely , and with a sense of intense injury , retired to her private apartment . i descended to tell my master that the young lady s qualm of sickness was almost gone , but i judged it best for her to lie down a while
  4. The shovelfuls of loam , black as et , brought there by the river when it was as wide as the whole valley , were an essence of soils , pounded champaigns of the past , steeped , refined , and subtilized to extraordinary richness , out of which came all the fertility of the mead , and of the cattle grazing there
  5. So they dug and dug like everything ; and it got awful dark , and the rain started , and the wind swished and swushed along , and the lightning come brisker and brisker , and the thunder boomed ; but them people never took no notice of it , they was so full of this business ; and one minute you could see everything and every face in that big crowd , and the shovelfuls of dirt sailing up out of the grave , and the next second the dark wiped it all out , and you couldn t see nothing at all


  1. the quantity a shovel can hold
    同义词:shovel, spadeful


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