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  1. Absolute tangential velocity
  2. The absolute velocity was decomposed based on the law of velocity triangle , the absolute tangential velocity , the relative velocity and the relative tangential velocity were presented in this paper
  3. The relationship between the spatial scale dimensions of the initial mesoscale vortex and the variation of typhoon intensity is also discussed . the results show that the interaction can intensify the maximum tangential velocity of typhoon under the condition of certain parameter ranges
    结果表明:在一定的合理的参数条件下,中尺度涡旋和台风涡旋的相互作用可以使台风切向风速最大值增加,增加值为4 . 0m / s ,这个结论比m (
  4. Compared with any vibrating systems involving normal impacts , an oblique - impact vibrating system features not only the non - smooth characteristic of impacts , but also complicated dynamics owing to the relative tangential velocity and corresponding friction between two colliding objects
  5. The most distinct intensification in maximum azimuthally mean tangential velocity occurs when the convective patch is positioned in rmw , the second in the interior region . this intensification exhibit distinct vibration with 6 ~ 7h period and the vibration in inner region diminishes with shorter period
    Rmw附近扰动使最大平均切向风速增大最明显,其次是内核区,而且这种增强表现出显著的震荡特征,震荡周期约为6 7h ,内核区的震荡较弱,震荡周期略短。


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