发音:   用"unadvisedly"造句
  • 不顾前后地
  • 鲁莽地
  • 欠思虑的


  1. He never speaks unadvisedly about anything .
  2. Therefore ; it is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly , but reverently and soberly
  3. Signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt christ and his church and therefor is not by any to be enterprised nor taken in hand unadvisedly , lightly , or wantonly but reverently , discreetly , advisedly soberly , and in the fear of god
  4. Yourhe da qu is one of the eight mayor famous brand of wines of china ' s old brand . several generations of people succeeded the millennium technology and made the wine with the high qualify chinese sorghum as leaven , and incorporate the modern science technology , form the unique style . yourhe da qu once received by consume warmly welcome and created the brilliant achievement . but since stepping into market economy , it pass by a lot detours . especially in the strategic respect of the brand , which exist some questions about cognition unclear , analysis fuzzily , orientation unadvisedly and so on . the paper will analyse through consumer and trade , find out about brand importance of strategy . and especially excavate one ' s own brand resources through the analysis of one ' s own brand , proceed with brand orientate and orientate and then , establish yourhe da qu ' s brand new image


  1. in an unadvised manner
  2. in an unadvised manner


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