1. The anchestors of most people are from now abanded nearby village of Multay and they may be of Mongol origin from the 14th century.
  2. The second leg match between Anorthosis and AEK was abanded in the 55'due to floodlight failure and was replayed on 19 April.
  3. TERROR-NYSCENE _ NEW YORK _ Tom Archdeacon and Ron Alvey get within 100 feet of the rubble that was the WTC . Tom entered an abanded apartment building, walked through rooms where fish still swam in the tanks, clothes hung to dry.
  4. He got married in 1989 and blessed with three children, which he abanded them without any food, clothes, shelter and a better education and he appeared on sowetan newspaper in 2013 February saying he is single and he doesn't have any children.
  5. EDITORIAL-RUSSIA _ Two writers describe the deplorable conditions at russian orphanages-thousands of babies with deformities are abanded by their parents and left neglected in orphanages . now, Putin is making it virtually impossible for foreigners to adopt . ( The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  6. It's difficult to find abanded in a sentence. 用abanded造句挺难的


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