1. AdForce chief executive Chuck Berger will continue to run the company.
  2. Both AdForce and Media Metrix find themselves in competitive markets.
  3. Like many Net firms, neither AdForce nor Media Metrix are profitable.
  4. AdForce competes with DoubleClick, Engage and NetGravity.
  5. AdForce had already provided some material to Adsmart's network under a previous partnership.
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  7. Including outstanding warrants and other obligations, AdForce has about 23.5 million shares outstanding.
  8. It also includes many lesser-known companies like SalesLink, AdForce, and 1stUp . com.
  9. The company started operating in Europe two years ago with technology leased from a US company, AdForce.
  10. Like Engage, Adforce says it will not provide the names and addresses of the users to the advertiser.
  11. Adforce Inc ., Cupertino, Calif ., an initial public offering of 4.5 million shares.
  12. Shares in AdForce rose 3 / 4 to close at $ 20 1 / 4 in Nasdaq trading Monday.
  13. CMGI will also look for efficiencies between Flycast and AdForce; the two use different technologies to serve ads.
  14. One is its AdForce division in Cupertino, Calif ., which assembles content to distribute across commercial sites.
  15. CMGI bought it for about $ 500 million in stock in September 1999 . AdForce has about 175 employees.
  16. So far, however, Internet service providers apparently have been reluctant to sell information about their customers to Adforce.
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