1. In return, Allegretti would have paid for dredging the canal.
  2. For Alfred Allegretti, January's weather was fabulous.
  3. Another pulled several 1944 dollar bills from the earth, said Allegretti.
  4. Michael Allegretti said his father fired the salesman immediately after his guilty plea.
  5. On 30 November 2012 Allegretti was signed by another third division club Barletta.
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  7. Among his pupils were Eugenio Baroni and Antonio Allegretti.
  8. Allegretti had the support of the Republican County Committees of Kings and Richmond Counties.
  9. In 1993, Mitchard's husband, journalist Dan Allegretti, died of cancer.
  10. Triestina bankrupted and folded at the end of season, thus Allegretti became a free agent
  11. Grimm's primary win was divisive for the Republican Party leadership, which favored Allegretti.
  12. Alfred Alfredo Allegretti was born in Brooklyn's Bensonhurst neighborhood on Sept . 16, 1935.
  13. After 13 years of marriage, Allegretti died of cancer at the age of 45 in 1993.
  14. Together she and Allegretti adopted two sons, and later conceived a boy through in-vitro fertilization.
  15. Allegretti ran the wholesale part of the business, while his brother Victor concentrated on the retail side.
  16. In the Republican primary, Grimm ran against the director of government relations for the Climate Group Michael Allegretti.
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