1. Amniocentesis is the removal of fluid from the amniotic sac .
  2. Amniocentesis should be done by a physician skilled in the technique, after the patient has had appropriate counseling and has given her informed consent .
  3. After amniocentesis and prenatal counseling , the couple chose to terminate the pregnancy
  4. Karyotyping for adanced maternal age was performed by amniocentesis and demonstrated a normal male karyotype ( 46 xy with g - banding )
    对此高龄孕妇行羊膜穿刺染色体组型分型检查,先是正常男性( 46xy , g带显带技术) 。
  5. Consequently , an excess number of otherwise normal pregnancies would be recommended to undergo definitive testing to ensure as many downs syndrome fetuses could be detected prenatally . however , conventional definitive genetic testing employs invasive methods , such as amniocentesis to obtain fetal tissue for testing , thus carrying a risk to the fetus
    但传统的基因测试,例如羊膜穿刺术(俗称抽羊胎水)属入侵性诊断方法,即是要用针穿过母体进入子宫,抽取胎儿细胞,会为孕妇带来一定的风险(例如流产) 。
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