1. Bidini and Tielli have continued working together after the Massey Hall show.
  2. Narration on the album is by Bidini's wife, Janet Morassutti.
  3. The orchestra conducts an international summer academy, in 2010 with Fabio Bidini.
  4. Esposito is " performing a menacing pantomime " in the words of author Dave Bidini.
  5. Bidini currently writes a weekly Saturday column for the " National Post ".
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  7. Bidini also hosted the entire event.
  8. Tielli's material tended toward progressive rock, Bidini brought quirky humour and punk-flavoured.
  9. The album was packaged with a book featuring Tielli's illustrated text of Bidini's story.
  10. The former members who had performed were Bidini, Clark, Hearn, Kerr, Tielli and Vesely.
  11. Bidini ultimately prevailed, and " King Leary " was named the book that everyone in the nation should read.
  12. The official illustration of the group, by Trevor Waurechen, depicts Bidini, Clark, Hearn, Kerr, Tielli, Vesely and Wojewoda.
  13. On April 29, 2016, Rheostatics ( Bidini, Kerr, Tielli, Vesely ) with Kevin Hearn and Hugh Marsh performed at Massey Hall.
  14. In February 2012, McKenzie was a panelist on Canada Reads, defending Dave Bidini's book " On a Cold Road ".
  15. In 1999, the band released " The Story of Harmelodia ", an album based on a children's story written by Bidini.
  16. The album is based on a story by Dave Bidini, and is packaged in a book containing Bidini's text with illustrations by Martin Tielli.
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