1. Bridgeboard cards appeared up to 486 processor variants.
  2. Later the Sidecar was implemented on an expansion card named " Bridgeboard " for Amiga 2000 + models.
  3. The ISA slots can be activated by use of a bridgeboard, which connects the Zorro II and ISA buses.
  4. The cards do not use the Bridgeboard to communicate, but simply as a convenient power supply and physical location.
  5. The Bridgeboard card and the Janus library made the use of PC expansion cards and harddisk / floppydisk drives possible.
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  7. The bridgeboard card was manufactured by Commodore, later third party cards also appeared for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 600 expansion slot such as the KCS Powerboard.
  8. The Zorro bus and ISA bus can be connected by means of a " bridgeboard ", such as, the Janus Hardware Emulator, which allows emulation of Intel 80286 or 80386 systems.
  9. Newer Amiga models like the Amiga 2000 provided internal expansion slots, with the optional Bridgeboard expansion card replacing the functionality of the Sidecar, but without the need for a bulky external chassis.
  10. Third-party low-cost time-base correctors ( TBCs ) specifically designed to work with the Toaster quickly came to market, most of which were designed as standard ISA bus cards, taking advantage of the typically unused Bridgeboard slots.
  11. The Amiga 2000 not only includes five Zorro II card slots, the motherboard also has four PC ISA slots, two of which are inline with Zorro II slots for use with the A2088 bridgeboard, which adds IBM PC XT compatibility to the A2000.
  12. The Amiga 2000 offers graphics capabilities exceeded among its contemporaries only by the Macintosh II, which sold for about twice the price of a comparably-outfitted Amiga 2000 additionally equipped with the IBM PC Compatible bridgeboard and 5.25 " floppy disk drive ( which was important for real-world interoperability at this time ).


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