1. Time charterers liabilities obligntions
  2. All these have made the new off - hire clause be more advantageous to charterers
  3. Services to shipowners and charterers for various time charter and voyage charter requirements
  4. 4 . charterers shall bear all the damages and consequences arisen from owners abiding by charterers " orders
    4 、出租人因遵从承租人的命令和指示而遭受的损失应由承租人承担。
  5. For your information , we enclose a copy of the letter received from the charterers ' agents with regard to stowage of the cargo
  6. It's difficult to find charterers in a sentence. 用charterers造句挺难的
  7. 2 . under nype 93 form , owners have the right of intepellation and charterers own the obligation of reply
    2 、在nype93格式中订有质询条款的情况下,船东有解约的询问权,承租人有答复的义务(第二章) 。
  8. The time charterers were put on notice and the vessel was ordered to stop using contaminated fuel and complete the voyage on diesel oil
  9. The shipping broker acts to match the supply of bulk vessels from operatorsowners with the demand for bulk cargo shipments by the charterers
  10. 6 loss damage or expense arising from insolvency or financial default of the owners managers charterers or operators of the vessel
  11. The shipping broker acts to match the supply of bulk vessels from operators owners with the demand for bulk cargo shipments by the charterers
  12. This fleet aggregates 1 , 930 , 300 dwt . most of the vessels are under long - term charter to first class charterers both in mainland and overseas
  13. 3 . under the anti - technique clause of nype 93 form , if charterers fail to pay hire fully and punctually , owners shall give charterers a grace period to pay hire , but ca n ' t withdraw vessel
    3 、在nype93格式中订有反技术性条款的情况下,如果承租人没有按时支付租金,出租人应该给予承租人一段宽限期以补交租金,不能立即解除租约。
  14. Although owner held charterers responsible for the consequences of using the contaminated fuel , the time charterers argued successfully that the bunkers supplied conformed with " international specifications " and charter - party terms
  15. The cancelling date ’ s effect is that , although there may have been no breach by the owners nevertheless the charterers are entitled to cancel if the vessel is not delivered in a proper condition by the cancelling date
  16. The owners suffered a loss in excess of usd 100 , 000 which included off hire , spare parts , replacement fuel and diesel oil , since the owners were unable to recoup the rest of their losses from charterers , primarily because of the lack of bunker history
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