1. In Bosnia, the war has ended but much hatred remains, Corbadzic said.
  2. Now, Corbadzic is back living in Sarajevo, this time alone in an apartment while she attends school.
  3. When one student asked what she found most different about the United States, Corbadzic said attitudes toward smoking.
  4. Corbadzic said she remembers hearing that the war was over after the Dayton peace talks, but the fighting did not stop.
  5. Before war broke out in Bosnia, Nerina Corbadzic was like many 9-year-olds, enjoying carefree hours playing with friends.
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  7. As Corbadzic took questions, the Chaminade-Julienne students learned she was a fan of American television shows and an avid MTV watcher.
  8. Corbadzic is staying with Chaminade-Julienne sophomore Kim Wolf's family in Centerville and has attended classes at the school this week, speaking to students about the evils of racism and war.
  9. Corbadzic is one of 12 students from an arts and music high school in Bosnia-Herzegovina visiting Dayton this week to participate in activities commemorating the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords, which helped bring an end to the war.


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