cord and plug造句

"cord and plug"是什么意思   


  1. This exception encompasses many portable hand tools and some cord and plug connected machinery and equipment.
  2. International power cords and plug adapters are used in conjunction with electrical appliances in countries different from those in which they were designed to operate.
  3. To fix that generator, the crew may be forced to fashion a long extension cord and plug it into part of the station that still functions properly.
  4. Of course, the patrons could unplug the monitors from the extension cords and plug them in elsewhere, if there are extra plugs available and easily accessible.
  5. But even if your PC comes with all the components, you still need to know how to run the jukebox software and where all the cords and plugs go.
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  7. When a lamp does not work it is either the lamp socket with its built-in switch that needs replacing, or the electric cord and plug that should be replaced.
  8. The polarity of the adapter cord and plug must match the polarity of the device, meaning that the positive contact of the plug must mate with the positive contact in the receptacle, and the negative plug contact must mate with the negative receptacle contact.
  9. As she has done hundreds of times a day for two decades, Pauline grabs one of 16 plugs along the bottom of the board, pulls it upward to produce several feet of thick cord and plugs it into a hole below one of the glowing lights.
  10. Getting up and running was almost as easy as on the original article with one minor exception : The PCC clone did not have a built-in power receptacle for a monitor, meaning I had to obtain a separate computer power cord and plug it into an outlet.


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