1. Early in 2007, they signed a management deal with George Couri.
  2. The first culture he classifies is the Couri culture.
  3. Hamptons magazine's R . Couri Hay told the New York Daily News.
  4. A short oration in Arabic was also delivered by D . Couri, a friend.
  5. The population of Meillac groups must have been many times larger than the population of Couri groups.
  6. It's difficult to find couri in a sentence. 用couri造句挺难的
  7. Couri Hay, a New York City publicist on vacation, told the Daily News of New York.
  8. He was unable to discern anything about the religion practiced by the Couri groups, if that concept existed at all for them.
  9. "' Robert Couri Hay "', born April 1949, is an American publicist, blogger and gossip columnist.
  10. But Couri Hay, society columnist for Gotham magazine and society editor of Hamptons Magazine, said residents should remember the area's roots.
  11. He suspected the Couri groups were semi-nomadic and band-like in structure due to the small, shallow nature of the sites excavated.
  12. Rouse was unable to discover any definitive linguistic information about the Couri, nor was he able to find information about their clothing, shelter, or population.
  13. R . Couri Hay, a society columnist for Hamptons magazine, said that all of the men and women who meet this way have something the other wants.
  14. Not much about the non-material culture of the Couri ( defined by Rouse as " concerned with customs which have been inferred by artifacts ) is known.
  15. He believes that the concept of private property may have had a role in the Couri culture, giving the stone beads and stone and shell pendants as examples.
  16. During the trial, it became apparent that the " Enquirer " had published the story on the basis of the account of a paid informant, Couri Hays.
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