1. This evolution can be equated with that of The Dorsai culture.
  2. Dorsai ! " and a few characters appear in both books.
  3. The Second Amanda's responsibility is for The Dorsai as a whole.
  4. Bleak and mountainous, the Dorsai's major export is its superb mercenary officers.
  5. (The actual battle for the Dorsai itself is given little coverage in this book.
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  7. He is also a member of the Dorsai Irregulars, having been inducted in 1976.
  8. The Dorsai books, set in a remote future, portray different genetic offshoots of humanity.
  9. The Second Amanda is known chiefly as an expert in contracts and legality for The Dorsai.
  10. As heads of their respective families they maintained continuity of tradition and responsibility amongst The Dorsai.
  11. Later books are set both before and after the events in " Dorsai ! ".
  12. The Dorsai offshoot, bred as professional soldiers, is used to explore ethical questions raised by militarism.
  13. Paralleling this, The Dorsai as a people begin as simple mercenary soldiers interested in making a living.
  14. Further background is provided in The Final Encyclopedia ( novel ) and the interludes of The Spirit of Dorsai.
  15. The related short stories and novellas all center on the Dorsai, primarily members of the Graeme and Morgan families.
  16. Finally, as embodied by the Third Amanda, The Dorsai become the protectors of all humanity and its potentiality.
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