1. The number of marriage permits issued was limited to the number of deaths among the Familianten.
  2. Besides the ordinary Familianten there were those who, in recognition of special merit, were permitted to marry as " supernumeraries ".
  3. Similar intolerance was displayed to the Jewish population in Bohemia and surrounding areas under the Familianten ( " Familiantengesetze " ) in 1726 and 1727.
  4. At the time of his birth the number of Jewish families in the Kingdom of Bohemia was strictly controlled by the Familianten quota system, which was partially abolished in 1848 and fully abolished in 1859.
  5. The most far-reaching restrictions on Hora ~ d ovice's Jews were a series of measures known as the " Familianten " ", introduced by Austrian Emperor Charles VI in 1726 and designed to limit Jewish population numbers.
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