1. This album is a recording of two performances by Farlowe.
  2. The song was most famously covered by Farlowe, an English solo singer.
  3. Beaker has toured regularly with Chris Farlowe, Larry Garner and Van Morrison.
  4. Later in 1966, he was then invited to join Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds.
  5. Besides this, Moody has also toured with Roger Chapman, Frankie Miller and Chris Farlowe.
  6. It's difficult to find farlowe in a sentence. 用farlowe造句挺难的
  7. Lucy finds herself on Farlowe island and brother Bernard appears and leads her to a room.
  8. This version was recorded by Chris Farlowe and was used for the last series in 1978.
  9. He toured with Chris Farlowe and also worked with former Meal Ticket singer Willy Finlayson and his band the Hurters.
  10. At Farlowe, Lucy is forced to create a Darkling but it has a flaw  it has no heart.
  11. He has also recorded with Sheena Easton, Kevin Ayers, Beverley Craven, Chris Farlowe, and Duane Eddy.
  12. Among others the band includes Adrian Askew from Hamburg Blues Band and the band also features Chris Farlowe on vocals occasionally.
  13. Don Letts filmed the single's accompanying video in a warehouse owned by singer and collector of military paraphernalia Chris Farlowe.
  14. One of the highlights was a version of " Shake " on which Redding was joined by Eric Burdon and Chris Farlowe.
  15. However, the pair continue to work together in the recording studio, providing backup vocals for Chris Farlowe as recently as 2003.
  16. After hearing the cruel things Gwilanna did to break-up Arthur and Liz, he travels to Farlowe Island to find Arthur.
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