1. A bacterium named paneibacillus polymyxa is screened from soil sample of mountain tai . it secrets a large amounts of active substance which can inhibit against several plant and animal diseases , such as candiada albicans 、 aspergillus flavus link and nomuraea rileyi farlow . the determination show that it is a strain of paenibacillus polymyxa through measuring its g + cmol % and the sequences of bases of 16srrna
    通过对该菌株进行形态观察、生理生化实验、 g + cmol %测定和16srrna碱基序列测定,鉴定该菌株为类芽孢杆菌属中的一株新的多粘类芽孢杆菌,定名为paenibacilluspolymyxacp _ s316 ,编码其16srrna的基因为一新基因,已经提交genebank注册,注册号为ay292989 ( 2003年6月4日) 。
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