1. Croner, A ., interviewed by Mary L鰓enthal Felstiner, 30 March 1984.
  2. Almost forty years after his work with USAID, Bill Felstiner returned to this earlier vocation.
  3. "To Paint Her Life " by Mary Lowenthal Felstiner ( HarperCollins, $ 27.50 ).
  4. According to Mary Lowenthal Felstiner's 1994 biography, " To Paint Her Life : Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi Era,"
  5. John and his wife, the writer, historian and professor Mary Lowenthal Felstiner, have two children : Sarah and Alek, and also two grandchildren.
  6. It's difficult to find felstiner in a sentence. 用felstiner造句挺难的
  7. Noncomputer reading : " To Paint Here Life, " by Mary Lowenthal Felstiner, and " The Big Sleep, " by Raymond Chandler.
  8. Previous winners include literary critic Helen Vendler and John Felstiner, a professor of English at Stanford University and translator of such poets as Pablo Neruda and Paul Celan.
  9. Salomon-Lindberg, P ., interviewed by Mary L鰓enthal Felstiner, Amsterdam, 23 26 March 1984; 15 20 April 1985; 6 8 July 1988; 14 July 1993.
  10. "' John Felstiner "'( born July 5, 1936 ), Professor Emeritus of English at Stanford University, is an American literary critic, translator, and poet.
  11. In his early work, Richard Abel and Austin Sarat, Felstiner developed the idea of a disputes pyramid and the formula " naming, blaming, claiming ", which refers to different stages of conflict resolution and levels of the pyramid.
  12. The ABF was initially located in William " Bill " Felstiner, Bryant Garth ( now dean of Southwestern Law School ), and the current director, Robert Nelson ( also a professor in the Department of Sociology, Northwestern University and MacCrate Research Chair in the Legal Professions at the ABF ).
  13. Felstiner came to Stanford University in 1965 and was a professor of English at Stanford until his retirement in 2009 . While at Stanford, he was three times a fellow at Stanford Humanities Center; a Fulbright professor at University of Chile ( 1967 68 ); visiting professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem ( 1974 75 ); and visiting professor of Comparative Literature and English at Yale University ( 1990, 2002 ).
  14. More about the difficulty in turning an offence into a legal act can be found in Felstiner & Sarat s ( 1981 ) study, which describes three steps a victim ( of any dispute ) must go through before turning to the justice system : naming  giving the assault a definition, blaming  understanding who is responsible for the violation of rights and facing them, and finally, claiming  turning to the authorities.


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