1. But Grubby Groo knows that they are just hiding their evilness.
  2. Groo occasionally meets with respect and good fortune, but it does not last.
  3. Businesses, towns, civilizations and cultures have all been unwittingly destroyed by Groo.
  4. This service is run by researcher Melissa Groo, based in the United States.
  5. You make everything _ groo-vy.
  6. It's difficult to find groo in a sentence. 用groo造句挺难的
  7. Groo was so named because Aragon閟 sought a name which meant nothing in any language.
  8. In 2011 IGN ranked Groo 100th in the " Top 100 comic books heroes ".
  9. Groo is a large-nosed buffoon of unsurpassed stupidity who constantly misunderstands his surroundings.
  10. When Groo was published by Pacific, he was not portrayed as a bumbling idiot.
  11. The tree quickly sticks one of its fleshy roots deep into Groo's chest.
  12. Consequently, Lynch chose Groo for the series, along with the Cordelia dragon and pegasus.
  13. Cordelia arrives with Groo in tow.
  14. Han Groo's family stayed in China for another four years before returning to Korea.
  15. Grulla ( pronounced the Spanish way, GROO-ya ) is a warm mouse-gray.
  16. This resulted in the longest run of " Groo the Wanderer " with 120 issues.
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