1. His works also included " The Holcroft Covenant,"
  2. Holcroft initially leased the property and bought it outright in 1544.
  3. Mrs . Holcroft said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper.
  4. Holcroft made his fortune mainly by speculation in monastic lands.
  5. "The Holcroft Covenant, " 1985.
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  7. Holcroft's method had a number of advantages.
  8. Holcroft probably also used his good relationship with Cecil to communicate his loyalty.
  9. As commissioner, Holcroft accepted surrender of the house on 7 September 1538.
  10. Holcroft responded with a litany of charges of sharp practice against the abbot.
  11. Holcroft's use of his lands was enterprising, if not exploitative.
  12. Funding was also provided by Sir Charles Holcroft.
  13. Holcroft was involved in trials of the Anderson recompression system between 1930 and 1935.
  14. During this period Holcroft visited Paget's homes a total of nine times.
  15. The parliament lasted for only one month and Holcroft never sat in parliament again.
  16. Holcroft eventually formed a church on congregational principles, and, after being Eversden.
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