1. as is implied by the name, the most characteristic lesion is hypoplasia of the nasal turbinates .
  2. agenesis and hypoplasia of the lung
  3. cartilage-hair hypoplasia
  4. this child died soon after premature birth at 23 weeks gestation from pulmonary hypoplasia as a result of oligohydramnios
  5. the phenotype is highly variable but is characterized by minor facial anomalies such as midface hypoplasia, " carp-shaped " mouth mental retardation, short stature, hearing impairment, limb abnormalities and even immunodeficiencies
  6. It's difficult to find hypoplasias in a sentence. 用hypoplasias造句挺难的
  7. pregnacy, allergy to methotrexate, functional disorders of liver and kidneys, diseases of the haematopoietic system ( bone marrow hypoplasia, leucopenia, thrombocy-to penia, anaemia ), intectious diseases, ulcers of the oral cavity and the gastrointestinal tract, recent operation wounds
  8. the second part, have carried on the analysis of real example to the international competitiveness of the steel branch of industry of our country : of our country steel and iron industry basic competitiveness analyse mainly from " key element supply with " whether strength launch, including three respects of manpower, financial resources, material resources, are shown as high-level talent's shortage on the quantity of the manpower resources, it is unreasonable that the structure is shown as, personnel's whole quality is not high; the resource respect of financial resources, shown as the capital market hypoplasia, industry's financing channel is relatively narrow, studies and uses incompletely about the modem investment and financing management method, the system defect of financing and deterioration of the environment for financing cause profit ability to be low


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