1. The hypoplastic breast can be readily augmented with the newer softer silastic implants .
  2. Histological findings of the skin include flat dermal - epidermal junction , thinned dermis with compactly arranged collagen fibers , and hypoplastic appendage structures
  3. From july 1992 to january 1993 , a total of 5 cases of hypoplastic left heart syndrome were diagnosed by echocardiograms and confirmed by available angiographic , surgical or autopsy results
    摘要自从一九九二年七月至一九九三年一月,有五例左心发育不全症候群(以下称本病) ,经由超音波心图诊断,并有一例由心导管,二例由手术证实。
  4. A suitable calculation method is given to identify the fore material constants using trialxial tests . in comparison with the hypoplastic constitutive model presented by w . wu and d . kolymbas , this model has the advantage of form simplicity . the determination method of material constants presented in this dissertation avoids disadvantage that material constants vary with the chosen reference point
    该模型与wwu .和dkolymbas提出的亚塑性本构模型相比,具有形式简单的优点,所提供的材料常数确定方法,克服了亚塑性模型中因选取参考点的不同所确定的材料常数值变化大的弊病。
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