1. Observation on therapeutic effect of li shen injectio in 30 cases of hemodialysis - correlative related hypotension
  2. Effect of hua yu tong mai injectio on hemorheologic indexes and thrombase in the patient of cerebral infarction
  3. Clinical observation on treatment of 30 cases of viral myocarditis by xin ning decoction combined with huang qi injectio
  4. Effects of acupoint - injection of huangqi and danggui injectio on gastric mucosal blood flow in chronic atrophic gastritis rats
  5. The technology , which is developed on the basis of perfora ting techniques for oil wells and cement injection techniques , can not shoot thr ough the frozen pipe wall at predetermined ground location using energy - gatheri ng - blasting techniques , but also consolidate shaft wall rock by cement injectio n and filling along the frozen pipe and perforated hole s trajectories , achievi ng leakageproof of shaft walls and reducing vertically - added force
  6. It's difficult to find injectio in a sentence. 用injectio造句挺难的


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