1. this dissertation makes an in-depth analysis of the power signal and the principles of power monitoring . it establishes the mathematicl model of the energy transmitting in the machinery and power system of the machine tool . based on this model, the performance of the spindle electrical machiner-y power signal reproducing the cutting power signal is analyzed
  2. in the research course of this paper, the author first introduces and analyzes the domestic and external situation of enterprise cultural theoretical research, and points out the background and purpose of cultural construction in china textile machinery industry; secondly, the author has elaborated the basic theory of enterprise culture including its meaning, its role, its structure, its structure and its developing tendency; thirdly, the author has introduced the enterprise cultural construction situation of our country including major mistake district and the successful experience of the enterprise cultural construction of our country; and pointed out the orientation of enterprise cultural construction to be suitable for our national condition; fourthly, this paper has studied the development of the textile machinery industry, and analyzed the influence on our textile machinery industry after joining wto, meanwhile, it has also put forward some measures and countermeasures of developing our textile machiner y industry; finally, it has emphatically studied enterprise culture construction on huangshi textile machinery factory, on the basis of analysing its successful experience and insufficiency, and pointed out some proposals and schemes to reconstruct enterprise culture on huangshi textile machinery factory
  3. It's difficult to find machiner in a sentence. 用machiner造句挺难的


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