1. Like a few other types of fish, cardinalfish are mouthbrooders.
  2. Maternal mouthbrooders are found among both African and South American cichlids.
  3. They are mouthbrooders like many other cichlids from Lake Malawi.
  4. In the case of the maternal mouthbrooders, the female takes the eggs.
  5. All haplochromines from Lake Malawi are mouthbrooders.
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  7. All species are mouthbrooders, the parents holding sometimes hundreds of eggs in their mouths.
  8. Like most other cichlids from Lake Malawi, " afras " are mouthbrooders.
  9. They are open-water mouthbrooders, an ecological niche known as utaka to locals.
  10. They are invertibrate safe mouthbrooders from the reefs around the Banggai Islands of Sulawesi in Indonesia.
  11. They are one of the few mouthbrooders in the marine world and they have been bred in capivity.
  12. These are small cichlids that, as suggested by the common names of the individual species, are mouthbrooders.
  13. All species are polygamous, maternal, ovophile mouthbrooders and carry their fry in this fashion for about 20 30 days.
  14. Compared to non-mouthbrooders, it is not energetically feasible to both mouthbrood and grow a new clutch of eggs.
  15. Some " Betta " species from fast-flowing waters, however, are mouthbrooders and do not build bubble nests.
  16. Many cichlids are mouthbrooders, with the female ( or more rarely the male ) incubating the eggs in the identical with, ovoviviparity.
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