1. Action Democratique du Quebec, led by a 32-year-old upstart legislator named Mario Dumont, has blazed into prominence with a platform that disdains both the separatist gospel of the Parti Quebecois and the knee-jerk federalism of the Liberal Party, hitherto the only serious rival of the Pequistes, as the Parti Quebecois is known.
  2. With Montreal reduced to a heap of ash, the pro-separatist majority in the rest of the province can claim its rightful place among the community of nations : for the Pequistes ( separatists ), it's ` Bienvenue au Quebec'; for the rest of us it's, ` Bienvenue au Kaboom !'I know I've occasionally expressed interest in partition, but I'd assumed they had something in mind more precise than just a massive crater between the Ontario border and the St-Jean-sur-Richelieu . . ..
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