1. Most of the production will be exported, Pequiven officials said.
  2. Pequiven has 10 wholly owned units and interests in 18 joint ventures.
  3. Pequiven expected Arcadian Corp . to participate in the complex.
  4. That will change as Pequiven expands its production capacity, she said.
  5. Pequiven is an unit of state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.
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  7. Pequiven is a unit of state national oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.
  8. Pequiven and Koch Nitrogen will each hold 35 percent of the fertilizer complex.
  9. ENI currently has two petrochemical joint ventures with Pequiven.
  10. Pequiven is the petrochemical unit of state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA.
  11. The plant is expected to be completed by the year 2000, Pequiven said.
  12. Pequiven President Arnold Volkenborn said that increased production will compensate for lower fertilizer prices.
  13. Pequiven said in March its 1996 earnings more than doubled as production rose 13 percent.
  14. Edgar Paredes, president of Pequiven, PDVSA's petrochemical unit, said Wednesday.
  15. Another Pequiven official said there are no other potential buyers interested in Corimon's shares.
  16. Pequiven is a wholly owned unit of PDVSA, which in turn is owned by the Venezuelan government.
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