1. Other techniques that do not rely on periodograms are presented in the spectral density estimation article.
  2. After the war, he worked on the theory and practice of time series analysis, and conclusively demonstrated ( with the meager computing resources available at the time ) that unsmoothed sample periodograms were unreliable estimators for the population spectrum.
  3. In 1963, J . F . M . Barning of Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, handled unequally spaced data by similar techniques, including both a periodogram analysis equivalent to what is now referred to the Lomb method, and least-squares fitting of selected frequencies of sinusoids determined from such periodograms, connected by a procedure that is now known as matching pursuit with post-backfitting or orthogonal matching pursuit.
  4. It's difficult to find periodograms in a sentence. 用periodograms造句挺难的


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