quantities of information造句


  1. What is the total quantity of information entropy in the universe?
  2. Information theory is used in relating probabilities to quantities of information.
  3. On most subjects the quantity of information is doubling about every two years.
  4. The simpler method to understand inference is in terms of quantities of information.
  5. Electronic communications offer companies unprecedented quantities of information about who buys what from them.
  6. It's difficult to find quantities of information in a sentence. 用quantities of information造句挺难的
  7. Judson recommends that Web sites help consumers sort through the vast quantities of information in cyberspace.
  8. "The access and quantity of information will get better, " she promised.
  9. First, the quantity of information.
  10. On Wikipedia, such discussions often get skipped over while we deal with massive quantities of information.
  11. "You can store vast quantities of information in a test tube, " he said.
  12. It distorts and manipulates the massive quantity of information that has been provided already to the attorney general.
  13. Emails often have large unnecessary quantities of information which is non-job essential and / or spam.
  14. You do a lot of work and get small quantities of information _ but it is very rich information.
  15. In stopping trading of his companies, the SEC questioned the quality and quantity of information available to investors.
  16. By contrast, Congress and the Executive Branch have sites with vast quantities of information presented in a lively manner.
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