1. the optimistic arithmetic of agv move route is ratiocinated combined with the principles of archives storage, in order to the purpose of storage and fetch archives quickly
  2. the expert system gets most part of knowledge and ratiocinates by using ann, changes the result of the output of net into the form which the expert system can understand, gets the final result from the universal reasoning engine
  3. the data transmission sub-system is established and the original data is deal with secondly, so the real-time data-base system is formed for the trouble analysis; the choice and build is finished via using model ratiocinating
  4. this thesis introduces the base theory and correlative information of variable frequency speed variation, and expatiates sinusoidal pulse width modulation ( spwm ) . the principle of svpwm is in-depth discussed, and a simple algorithm for svpwm is ratiocinated
  5. when analyzing specifically this paper, based on the fact that the effect of long-term incentive in the practical application has gradually increased, concentrates in ratiocinating with rigorous models . at first, the contrast between the traditional compensation mechanism and the modern long-term incentive mechanism is differentiated and analyzed in detail theoretically
  6. It's difficult to find ratiocinates in a sentence. 用ratiocinates造句挺难的
  7. the mathematical model by which the forming time can be precisely calculated is ratiocinated . this model shows that in sls the scanning " delay " phenomenon can make the actual forming time greatly exceed the theoretical time, and the total number, total length of the scanning lines and the scanning speed have different effects on the scanning " delay "
  8. after getting online results, combustion expert controller gained relevant ratiocinate output results by integrating technical parameters of online inspected system, combustion computed results and diagnostic and manipulated countermeasure of knowledge base, then which could propose operator for choosing a suitable control method using concentrated corresponding rules


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